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Customised storage boxes in Christchurch

At Victor Packaging Ltd we can design and manufacture customised document and storage boxes for your individual needs. We take pride in being a highly experienced manufacturer that many customers in Christchurch come to for reliable service. We also extend our services to other parts of New Zealand.

Standard & Custom Storage Boxes

Our team can customise the sizing and shapes and add graphics and colour to the corrugated cardboard (download brochure below). Enjoy the benefits of our competitively priced, high quality storage boxes by speaking with a member of our team in Christchurch today.

document storage boxes

With over two decades of expertise we can manufacture and design a range of storage boxes for our clients in Christchurch.

Filing and Storage boxes

  • VMAGA 325x100x260 - upright magazine box
  • VABL 383x268x253 - archive box and lid set
  • VLFB 410x335x125 - line-flow paper box
  • VFILEC 372x250x80 - coloured file boxes F/scap
  • VA3FB 430x330x60 - A3 file box
  • VC2B 435x297x275 - manila storage box (C2)
  • VA4FB 326x247x85 - A4 F/box white
  • VFSFB 372x250x80 - F/scap F/box white
  • VJUMBO 372x250x126 - jumbo F/scap F/box white
  • VJASB 415x368x293 - jumbo archive box
document storage

Post boxes

  • VPBDLE 235x130x70 DLE
  • VPBC5 235x165x70 C5
  • VPBC5L 235x165x170 C5 Large
  • VPBC4 325x260x70 C4
  • VPBC4L 325x260x170 C4 Large
  • VPBFS 385x260x70 F/Scap
  • VPBFSL 385x260x170 F/Scap Large

*Post boxes are based on external dimensions

post boxes

Storage cartons

  • (STK1) Stock 1 250x250x200
  • (STK2) Stock 2 250x250x368
  • (STK3) Stock 3 303x303x250
  • (STK4) Stock 4 340x255x305
  • (STK5) Stock 5 405x255x255
  • (STK6) Stock 6 430x330x255
  • (STK7) Stock 7 455x305x305
  • (STK8) Stock 8 457x457x356
  • (STK9) Stock 9 510x380x280
  • (STK10) Stock 10 510x380x585
  • (STK11) Stock 11 615x290x290
  • (STK12) Stock 12 305x217x305
  • (STK13) Stock 13 250x250x300
  • (STK14) Stock 14 254x203x152
  • (STK16) Stock 16 478x320x355
  • (STK20) Stock 20 406x216x117
  • (STKA4S) Stock A4S 305x215x200
  • (STK2/SQ) Stock 2/3Q 560x375x580
  • (TRAY106) Tray106 626x385x110
packaging containers

Parts boxes

  • (P100x200) 100x200x86
  • (P50) 50x298x86
  • (P75) 75x298x86
  • (P100) 100x298x86
  • (P150) 150x298x86
  • (P200) 200x298x86
  • (P300) 300x298x86


  • (P175) 75x95x50
  • (P100) 100x95x40

Mini parts boxes:

  • (PM50x100) 50x100x50
  • (PM50x150) 50x150x50
parts boxes

Die cut folding boxes

  • (V100) 100x75x37
  • (V125) 125x94x47
  • (V150) 150x112x56
  • (V175) 175x130x65
  • (V200) 200x150x75
  • (V225) 225x157xB3
  • (V250) 250x185x92
  • (V275) 275x206x103
  • (V300) 300x225x113
parts boxes

Cube boxes

  • (VCUBE50) 50x50x50
  • (VCUBE75) 75x75x75
  • (VCUBE100) 100x100x100
  • (VCUBE125) 125x125x125
  • (VCUBE150) 150x150x150
cube boxes

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With over two decades of expertise we can manufacture and design a range of storage boxes for our clients in Christchurch.

We offer complete, quality packaging solutions from filing and storage boxes to parts boxes, cube boxes, die cut folding boxes and storage cartons.

For more information about the range of storage boxes from Victor Packaging Ltd call our team in Christchurch.

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