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Durable catering packaging materials made in Christchurch

At Victor Packaging Ltd we work with customers in the hospitality and food industry designing and manufacturing custom packaging materials and products. Made on-site in Christchurch we can produce catering trays, bulk cake and pie transport boxes, cake boxes and pizza boxes with your company's logo, colours on them and to the size you require. Call us to find out about what we can do for you.

Catering trays - standard sizes

Bulk cake and pie transport boxes

An example of food packaging materials made in Christchurch
VCTS 300x220x40
VCTM 395x300x40
VCTL 490x370x40
VMCT15O 150x112x50
VMCT2OO 200x150x50
VMCT25O 250x185x50
Cardboard pie box in NZ
VDT355 355x254x100
VDT485 485x355x100
VDT106 625x385x110

Cake boxes

Pizza boxes

custom cake box
VCB2010 203x203x100
VCB2015 203x203x150
VCB2410 240x240x100
VCB2415 240x240x150
VCB3010 300x300x100
VCB3015 300x300x150
VCB4012 406x406x125
VD400 lunchbox style

VCBB85 8’x5” high
VCB85W 8”x5” with window

VCB105 10” x5” high
VCB105W 10” x5” with window

VCB125 12’ x5” high
VCB125W 12”x5” with window
pizza box
VPZ203 203X203X50 
VPZ248 248X248X32 
VPZ254 254X254X50 
VFZ305 305X305X50 
VPZ325 325X325X40
VPZ35O 35OX350X50
VPZ45O 450X450X55 
At Victor Packaging Ltd we strive to provide exceptional customer service to our clients in Christchurch when it comes to packaging materials and products. We distinguish ourselves through the professional qualities of our service and experience of our staff. We offer total packaging solutions and can suit your specifications and budget.

Call now for more information about our packaging materials and products available in Christchurch.
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